‘Zama’ wint KNF Award op het International Film Festival Rotterdam

De film Zama van Lucrecia Martel won op vrijdag 2 februari in de Rotterdamse Doelen de prijs van de Nederlandse filmkritiek uit een selectie van dertien Nederlandse (co)producties. Voor Zama zijn de coproducerende landen Argentinië, Spanje, Frankrijk en Nederland. 

Het juryrapport werd tijdens de Award Ceremonie voorgedragen door juryvoorzitter Sasja Koetsier.

The Circle of Dutch Film Critics has reviewed the Dutch productions and co-productions in different sections of the festival program: a selection of thirteen films widely ranging in form, budget, and approach, but with an overall ambition to explore and push boundaries – both geographical and those of genre and visual language. That a number of these films each had their own passionate advocates among the five members of our jury can be seen as a reflection of their distinct qualities.

Among them is one film whose vivid impressions kept returning to us. This bold project illustrates how coproducing can allow an immensely gifted filmmaker to enter different territory, just as the film itself transports the audience to an alien world. Without signposts or handholding, viewers are challenged to use all their senses in order to navigate this foreign land. The filmmaker’s sensory approach to cinema also poses a challenge to us critics; we’ve been struggling to find words that do justice to a film that ultimately can only be experienced.

It is our great pleasure and honour to award the Prize of the Dutch Film Critics’ Circle to Zama.

De KNF-jury bestond dit jaar naast Sasja Koetsier (De Filmkrant) verder uit Elise van Dam (Cine), Hedwig van Driel (Schokkend Nieuws), Fritz de Jong (Filmkrant) en  Sabeth Snijders (NRC).