KNF Award op Filmfestival Rotterdam naar King of the Belgians

De KNF Award voor de beste Nederlandse (co-)productie op het International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017 is vrijdagavond 3 februari uitgereikt aan producente Laurette Schillings van Topkapi Films voor de film King of the Belgians van regisseurs Peter Brosens en Jessica Woodworth.

De jury bestond dit jaar uit Joost Broeren (voorzitter), Paul van Es, Renata Habets, Theodoor Steen en Kaj van Zoelen. Hun juryrapport:

The eleven films Dutch productions or co-productions my four colleagues and I watched, showed a wide variety of forms, themes and genres – as well as a wide variety in quality. However, a small handful of the films managed to inspire us towards a thorough discussion about form, content, meaning and importance.

Our winner is an immensely likable film set in a parallel world that closely resembles ours. Through its humour and charming main character, it touches on themes that are urgent and meaningful in today’s world. Along the way, the filmmakers also turn the camera back on themselves, questioning the responsibilities artists may have when playing with fact and fiction. Then again, who cares about protocol? The winner is…

King of the Belgians by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth.

Bekijk hieronder de bekendmaking en uitreiking van de KNF-prijs door juryvoorzitter Joost Broeren.