KNF Award op IFFR naar Frank Scheffers De Waarneming

De KNF Award voor de beste Nederlandse productie of coproductie op het International Film Festival Rotterdam 2016 is vrijdagavond 5 februari uitgereikt aan Frank Scheffer voor zijn film De waarneming.

De jury, bestaande uit Hugo Emmerzael (voorzitter), Tisha Eetgerink, Luuk Imhann, Maricke Nieuwdorp en Jelle Schot, lichtte de keuze voor Scheffers intense portret van schilder Robert Zandvliet als volgt toe:

More and more the Netherlands is participating in interesting, inspiring and engaging co-productions that reach countries all over the world, establishing the Netherlands not only as a productive cinematic country, but also as a reliable and partner for others.

This year, we, the Circle of Dutch Film Critics, reflected on our own productions and co-productions through fifteen films of great variety: from the wordless mourning in the jungle of La última tierra, to the stream of digital misinformation of The Sprawl. We saw a Dutch stranger integrating in Scotland and a geography student struggling to survive in Norway. We saw other people struggling with their music, with their hearts, their consciousness and with their words. Some of these struggles were captured in striking, innovative and artistic manners that pleased the jury greatly. But there was one film that captured an on-going struggle like no other, a struggle not necessarily with the bigger meaning of art, but with the universal power of images themselves. What makes this film so great is that it is a work of art in its own right: a beautiful portrait about the pursuit of beauty. The winner of the KNF Award of 2016 is De Waarneming, by Frank Scheffer.

Bekijk hier de video van de uitreiking door juryvoorzitter Hugo Emmerzael.